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    The Comedy News For 01/22/18

    Specific News Story

    The Saturday Stand-Up Spotlite: Week 10: Chris Adams

    Chris Adams is a Long Beach comic who is the mind behind the website called the Open Mikers. The site, which has been featured prominently on the Rooftop Comedy Website, follows comics Chris, Johnny Gold, Anthony Browning and Matt Claybrooks from open mic to open mic. There was a feature story on the series on this site on June 29th.

    Adams was born premature in Fountain Valley California. Times were tough coming in and out of homes then being homeless. By age five, Adams knew he wanted to do: stand-up comedy after. Through stand-up comedy, he turned things like being homeless, being born a premature crack baby and living out of his car into some exceptional comedy.

    However, thereís another reason Iím featuring Adams as the tenth comic on the Saturday Stand-up Spotlite To date, he has run successful shows at DiPiazzaís, the Improv and has brought Maria Bamford down to the Art Theatre in Long Beach. Heís given as much quality stage time to other comics as heís taken. He also created the 562 Comedy Website and its Facebook predecessor, a resource for comedians in the South Bay looking for stage time. This concept is a Godsend for anyone tired of driving to Hollywood every night, especially when gas is more expensive than your average car.

    Adams is also half of the force behind the K-Beach Radio program Drinking Buddies. The show is billed as a free-flowing talk show that captures the conversations comics have off stage over their favorite adult beverages. However, itís really a lot more than that. With interviews that have included Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada, as well as comedians Marc Maron, Chris Dunham and a debut episode that featured comic Adam Carolla the radio show brings a lot of insight into the world of stand-up comedy in general. You can find all the back episodes free on iTunes. Just follow this link.

    In other words, of the first ten comics listed in the Stand-Up Spotlite, all of whom are excellent comics, Chris Adams is the one that has given back as much to comedy as heís taken. Thatís probably why the three clips I could find, those clips donít really do him justice; the best clip I could find for Adams was audio only. In case you havenít realized it yet, if you reload these spotlight stories, you will occasionally get different random video clips. You can find Chris Adams on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and the 562 Comedy Website.

    Posted September 4, 2010 by Shayne Michael under Stand-Up Spotlite / Accessed 1916 times.

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